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At, we don’t just go to the major list brokers and list houses throughout North America when putting together media buys. We focus on matching the target demographic to sites that attract that demographic - and only then buy Canadian opt-in names that reside on newsletters or contest entries.

Some of these lists also have signed on to generate revenue by allowing the opt-in portion of their lists to be broadcast to third-party advertisers. We also put together custom Canadian opt-in media buys to support the creative and database services we execute for our advertising clients. has built a search engine that allows not only us, but all Canadian marketers to exact their opt-in email target market from the North American avails market. This market includes all sites that collect opt-in information and have Canadian members as part of their respective opt-in list databases. receives threshold pricing and we pass the cost savings on to our clients’s media buying clout is strong due to the number of names we rent for our clients each month. List owners in turn pass provide us with threshold pricing, which allows us to pass the cost savings onto our advertising clients.

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