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“Information is not knowledge” (Albert Einstein)

At, we know as well as you do that Data Services are concerned with much more than just the accumulation of information. That’s why our Account Managers are especially well versed in database management issues. Our Account Managers work with in-house Database Specialists to troubleshoot data systems if required or to implement solutions that work for your unique application. is a recognized leader in advanced Marketing Database Services and Solutions. We also provide additional related services including Database Marketing and Analytics, Direct Marketing Processing Services and Customer Data Integration Management.

What does it all mean? It’s not rocket science. We provide closed-loop solutions for our clients who seek to build lasting one-to-one relationships with their customers.

Following are just a few of the Database Service functions we specialize in:

• File Hygiene
• Merge/Purge
• Custom Reports
• Database Platforms
• Managing Duplicates
• InfoConnect OnePass
• Real Time Data Access
• Modeling and Analytics
• File Format Conversions
• Do Not Call Suppression
• Advanced Segmentation
• Primary Key Management
• List Uploads and Downloads
• Merge and Purge Duplicates
• Custom Database Development
• Batch Subscribes and Unsubscribes

At, we use our knowledge to keep you informed.

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